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Thinking inside a box did not work for meI am eternally jealous of my fathers moustacheMy mother was in a motorcycle gangI am inspired by zeppelins

about me

Here on the right are some examples of things about me, below the picture are four numbers, when you click on them you can see different images with different examples.

My name is Twan van Keulen and i am currently twenty five years old, i live in a city called ’s-Hertogenbosch, which would roughly translate to “the kings forrest” this city is located in the Netherlands, which you may know from “Amsterdam”, and the “Dutch design” you find over here.

I am a graphic designer, and there is not a moment in a day that I do not think about designing something, you can say that i live and breath this “dutch design” i am fascinated by it. I try to make a lot of free work, this is because I cannot take it if the ideas pile up in my head, and this forces me to make things that i hope you like.


If you want to see more things that I find inspiring or that I just made you can always look on my flickr page


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